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Obtaining Accommodation
in Long Term Care Facilities in Ontario

Finding And Applying For Accommodation

Campbell Eldercare Consulting helps ensure the best care for aging, geriatric or chronically ill clients. The first place to look for publicly-funded care facilities in Ontario is at this Government of Ontario website, designed specifically to provide information to the public on the variety of services offered and their costs.

The application for long term care is available at all local Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) across the province. You can learn more here.

The application must be completed by a regulated health professional and a physician, and signed by the client or their substitute. Once the application is completed, the CCAC sends it out to the facilities chosen by the client or their substitute.

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Accepting or Rejecting a Space

If a client is in hospital and the doctor and care team advise a move to more supportive environment than home, the Social Worker will arrange for discharge to a long term care facility as an interim move until a facility of choice becomes available. Where a client has adequate resources, it may be possible to wait for the facility of choice at home with professional caregivers in attendance. Campbell Consulting can arrange for this, and monitor the services appropriately.

Once an offer of accommodation has been made to the client or substitute from a chosen facility, there is very little time in which to accept or reject the space.

If a space is rejected, then the applicant must wait another six months before re-applying. It can take from six months to a year for a space to become available, and during that time, if the client’s needs change, the CCAC and the facilities of choice must be notified.

If a bed-offer is accepted, then a move will need to take place within 24 hours, or the facility will charge a per diem to hold the bed for up to three days. So it is important to be prepared for the move once the application is completed.

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Making the Move

When the time comes to leave home, very little actually needs to be moved, as all facilities provide furnished rooms. You can substitute some furnishings, such as chest of drawers, chairs or bedside tables if they can fit into the space and still allow for easy access for the client to receive, and staff to render, care. Clothing must be washable, and will be labelled by the facility upon admission.

An Admission Contract must be signed by the client or substitute, which sets out the terms of payment, the services which are not included in the monthly accommodation fee, and the rights and responsibilities of all concerned. Usually facilities prefer to set up a pre-authorized payment scheme.

Moving out of home into any other setting is never easy for older, chronically ill people. Fear of the loss of autonomy, the tacit acknowledgement of the inability to cope any longer without help, the challenge of learning new routines and leaving behind familiar surroundings, all have an impact.

Families and friends need to be prepared to give extra support for the first few weeks so that the vulnerable, elderly person can gain confidence in knowing they have not been abandoned and that they are safe and well cared-for in their new home.

Campbell Consulting can help you and your family understand the principles of long term care, the facilities that exist in your area, and potential problems that may arise.

We can advise you on the most appropriate accommodation available, assist with completing the application, and help with the psychological preparation as well.

Call today for a free consultation: (416) 698-5497.

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