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still_together (70K) Six Questions To Ask About Long Term Care Facilities

When a person is not able to function at home, has significant chronic illness and deficits, and a limited income, long term care facilities are the appropriate solution.

All public funded facilities have regulated standards of practice and service provision in nursing, nursing supplies, medication administration, medical attendance and follow-up, dietary, recreation, maintenance, housekeeping, religious services, communication with families and substitute decision-makers.

All residents are entitled to privacy, visitors, plenty of food and fluids, and a bath twice a week. All assistance is rendered on an as-needed basis. Many facilities will have secure areas for the safety of those residents affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.

To help select the appropriate facility, begin by scheduling a tour of each facility you're considering. As you walk about, find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Geographic proximity: how close is the facility to the largest number of family/friends/social contacts? Ease of visiting a person in a long term care facility is key in maintaining healthy relationships in a busy, stressful world.

  3. Space: How much space is there in each individual room, whether private, semi-private or ward? All facilities have en-suite washrooms and some are shared.

  5. Cleanliness: Is the facility odour-free and well-maintained?

  7. Friendliness: Is the staff friendly as you walk about? The caregivers who tend to the needs of the residents must be friendly to their clients as well as to visitors.

  9. Openness: How willingly does the staff answer your questions? Usually a designated staff person will accompany you on a tour, and will answer all the questions you have.

  11. Access to Outdoors: Is there access to safe areas outside the building?

Campbell Consulting can assist clients and their families in learning about and understanding the principles of long term care, the facilities that exist in your area, and potential problems that may be faced. We can save time by advising clients as to the most appropriate accommodation available, and helping the process of completing the application and helping in the psychological preparation as well.

To learn more about choosing the right facility, call today for a free consultation: (416) 698-5497.

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