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Long Term Care Facilties vs. Retirement Residences

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Many people get confused about the difference between these two types of seniors’ housing.

The defining difference is that Long Term Care Facilities are run by the province, while Retirement Residences are privately owned.

The buildings themselves are somewhat similar, but the level of care provided in long term care facilities is much greater than that carried out in retirement residences. In addition, all long term care facilities are barrier free, while many retirement residences are not.

You may also notice that retirement residences tend to be carpeted, while long term care facilities are not. This is because washable floors are important to infection control, which is a high priority in nursing entities like long term care facilities.

Retirement Residences are often thought of as nursing homes for the wealthy. The reality, however, is that the care in these facilities can be inconsistent if not monitored carefully on clients' behalf.

Since the mid-1990s, the Province of Ontario has provided funding for a huge increase in facilities, so there are plenty of lovely, new and non-threatening spaces for residents to live in.

Additional similarities and differences between the two types of accommodation are outlined on the following chart. »

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