Campbell Eldercare Consulting
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Powers of Attorney
for Geriatric or Chronically Ill Clients

Power of Attorney Bill was a lawyer with a busy practice, which included being the Power of Attorney for his long-time client, Sarah. Sarah remained vigorous and independent well into her 80s, but as she approached her 90s her needs were increasing.

Geriatric healthcare wasn't Bill's specialty, so he worried that he might not be making the best decisions for Sarah. At the same time, deliberating over those decisions was taking him away from the work he really was equipped to do for his other clients.

Bill's first priority as a lawyer had always been to provide the best possible service to his clients, but he was beginning to feel out of his depth. That's when he called Campbell Consulting.

After interviewing Sarah personally and taking a thorough inventory of her health, prescriptions and needs, Campbell Consulting drew up a detailed plan for Sarah's ongoing care. When new decisions had to be made, Bill knew he could always call on the eldercare consultant to help. The expertise and personal attention offered by Campbell Consulting freed up Bill to devote adequate attention to all his clients, confident in the knowledge that Sarah's needs were being taken care of.

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