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Caring at a Distance – When you can't be there

Carl Jonathan had moved from Toronto to Calgary for a job, and ended up putting down roots. His wife, kids and job were all there, but his father Carl was still back in Toronto. As Carl's health began to deteriorate, Jonathan was at a loss. He couldn't uproot his family and come back to Toronto, but Carl's health and social needs made bringing him to Alberta impossible.

Jonathan called Campbell Consulting for help. The eldercare consultant met with Carl and took a thorough inventory of his health requirements, prescriptions, and needs. Then the consultant and Jonathan created a plan of regular visits to monitor Carl's emotional and physical health, and to keep him company when Jonathan couldn't be there.

The eldercare consultant also served as a liaison with Carl's doctors and other medical professionals, combining a thorough knowledge of healthcare issues with a personal understanding of Carl and Jonathan's preferences and needs.

Jonathan made the trip to Toronto twice a year to be with his father, and in between visits Carl received one-on-one attention from his caregiver at Campbell Consulting. Knowing that someone with a personal connection to Carl was looking out for his health and wellbeing put Jonathan's mind at ease.

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