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Molly's mother, Emily, had fiercely maintained her independence over the years despite the ravages of chronic muscular sclerosis. But after Emily suffered a fall that required hospitalization, Molly and her siblings became concerned for her safety and struggled to find consensus on how to proceed.

Long before, Emily had granted Power of Attorney for Personal Care to her elder son, John. To her younger son, Philip, she had granted Power of Attorney for Finance. John and Philip were not allowed to take any action until they both agreed on it, while Molly was not permitted to cast a deciding vote. But as the youngest sibling and the only one who did not yet have a family of her own to manage, Molly continued to be very close to Emily.

Weighing the risks of falls and injury against Emily's need for a sense of self-determination was widening existing rifts within the family. Conflicts between all the siblings had left them deadlocked and unable to find a solution together.

Molly enlisted the help of Campbell Eldercare Consulting to help the family gain an understanding of what was happening to their mother. They needed to know what health and care needs to expect in the future, what kind of facility would allow Emily to make the most of her abilities, and how they could do their best for her while staying within a budget.

Campbell Consulting reviewed the entire scenario with Emily, her physician, and all the siblings, and discussed a plan with the entire family in a counseling session. Despite many heated discussions and conflicts, the help of an objective outsider facilitated the exchange of ideas among them.

Through this process the family was able to keep on track and make the necessary decisions for their motherís wellbeing and their own peace of mind. Campbell Consulting continued to oversee Emily's care, and helped the family through the entire process.

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