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Jacqueline Campbell, eldercare consultant

Jacqueline Campbell, M.A.

Jacqueline Campbell has been an independent consultant and counsellor in the field of geriatric care management since 1997.

She has worked in long term care facilities as Staff Educator with all levels and types of staff, developing leadership strategies and training for managers and supervisors and training frontline staff in all aspects of caregiving and communication.

Jacqueline also initiated social service provisions within long term care facilities, delivering educational and support programs for residents and families within long term care facilities. These programs became a partial model for future social service provision within the entire long term care system of Ontario.

She has participated in community committees for hospital and placement services restructuring, and has been active in the Mayor's Committee on Aging as well as in Care Watch, a committee of the Toronto District Health Council.

She has published articles on geriatric care and spoken at professional conferences on all aspects of ageing and the care of the elderly or chronically ill. Jacqueline has also initiated support groups and grief-counselling workshops to alleviate the ongoing stress for families of ailing elderly loved ones.

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